A cocktail mixing robot

A beautiful piece of technology that brings people together.

A Black Statement in Your Interior

Barobot - Black Monolith

If you are into elegance and great looking, minimalistic appliances in always fashionable black then the Barobot Black Monolith is for you.

More Than Bartender Robot

Barobot - Pure Crystal

Thanks to its transparent design this version of Barobot blends in seamlessly with any background. It looks as light as a feather and the built-in electronics are plainly visible for you to enjoy.


Easy to use

Just put a glass into Barobot and select a drink. Robot will do the rest.

1000+ drinks in our database

.... everyone can find something for themselves.

Drink creation mode

Get out of schemes. Easily create your own drink and share it with your friends.


Barobot adds to your party atmosphere by a number of light themes

Delivery all around the world

With a flat shipping rate.

Open source/ open hardware

Barobot is completely open source project. It's Android & Arduino software and hardware design is yours to tinker with.

12 bottles
150 drinks without refilling
1000+ recipes in database for you to choose from
unlimited fun while partying with Barobot


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